Sealcoating for Elkins, WV, Asphalt & Blacktop Surfaces

Protect Your Blacktop with Sealcoating /////////////////////

When you make an investment into your blacktop surfaces, you want those surfaces to last for many years. Whether you have a paved road, a driveway, or a parking lot in the Elkins, Philippi, Buckhannon, WV, area, or anywhere else in North Central WV, Custom Paving & Sealing, Inc. can assist you by applying a protective sealcoating to your asphalt. After blacktop has been laid, we recommend that you get a layer of sealcoating applied. Sealcoating can help your driveway, road, or parking lot last longer than non-sealed asphalt would. We use a high-quality sealer that is environmentally-friendly and looks great with any home or office building.

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Sealcoating Makes Your Driveway and Parking
Lots Look Brand New //////////////////////////////////////////

Applying a quality sealcoating to your driveway or parking lot can make your blacktop surfaces look brand new. Sealcoating gives your surface a fresher, bolder, darker color, which allows your asphalt to absorb sunlight and heat and melt snow and ice more quickly. Because it smooths the surface and seals cracks when it is applied, sealcoating can also make sweeping, cleaning, and shoveling easier, and reduce maintenance costs.

Line Striping & Painting Available After
Your Sealcoating Job //////////////////////////////////////////

After your sealcoating job is done, Custom Paving & Sealing, Inc. offers painting and line striping services. Your parking lot needs lines to designate spaces. Standard parking space lines, handicap parking painting, arrows, and other pavement markings are essential parts of your parking lot that need applied by a painting professional. We use the highest quality traffic paint for our line striping and painting services, so you can trust that it will last.